5 Reasons Why Logo is Important for Business

A Logo is your brand or business’s first interaction with the audience, we should make it last forever. Lets see how we can actually enhance your logo to make it memorable for people.
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A logo is one of the important aspects of your business. It is the Identity of what you serve to the customers, general representation of your Brand. A logo is useful to promote your business and build a strong brand identity. According to reports, it is found that over 84% of businesses around the globe are identified based on their Logo/Brand Image. Logo can be your best asset and Investment as well. Symbols, Shapes, Figures are some of the effective ways to communicate and engage with the customers which generally build a strong relationship. Brand Identity, Brand Image help promote the organization’s overall growth and development. The logo generally grabs the attention of customers eg- Nike, Mcdonald’s, Mercedez, Audi, Apple, Starbucks.


The need of Logo for business – 

  • Logo is a visual representation of your Brand.
  • It is very effective and helps convey your brand purpose or message to the end-users.
  • Customers can be attracted through the Brand Image.
  • It can help your brand stand out in the competition and make your brand Identity a success
  • Logo helps generate Customer Loyalty & will help to explore your Brand through the masses.

How should a Brand logo Be?  

  • Logo is a Brand Identity, it should describe your brand, its services, products or include the company’s name, word, initials with color- combination.
  • A Brand Logo should be attractive, non-messy, and simple to relate to your Brand.
  • A Brand Logo should also be Unique (Based on the Brand USP) and not be copied.
  • Your Brand Logo should represent your Brand Ethics, Values, and Principles as well.
  • There should be Positivity in your Logo.
  • Logo should be Friendly, Trustworthy, Creative & Balanced
  • Attractive and Positive color help to maintain a strong relationship with the customers


Why A Brand Logo So Crucial?

A Brand Logo is the face of the company and it is often the first thing the potential customer notices about your business.

A logo is not just an image but an emotional recognition point and the foundation of the company. They have the power to create instant recognition among customers.

It is when the customer sees your company logo, he/she forms an opinion about your business within seconds.  


5 Important Reasons of Brand Logo & How Brand Katha Can Help You?

Marks Foundation of your brand identity:

Successful branding is like penning down your story that will influence your customers. The logo design is indeed a part of the company’s logo but it serves as the foundation stack on which the brand is built along with its architecture. 

The usage of colors, fonts, and tones is determined by the story you tell. Your logo sets the stage of your story in front of your customers. Later these elements will translate your logo on your marketing and branding materials like brochures, letterheads, business cards, landing pages, websites, and more- making a marketable brand identity. 


1. Grabs Attention:

Attention spans these days are very short. As a business, you have just 2 seconds to convince potential customers to communicate about their products that are worth consideration as compared to the competitor in the market. A company logo quickly grabs customers’ attention and communicates the company’s core ideas and objectives in an interesting way.

So, in this short attention span to attract customers and make them judge your business by its appearance and approach can work to your advantage if you have a creative business logo to speak for your company. 


2. Makes a strong first impression:

It is often said, the first impression is the best. You have only got one chance to get this thing right, as your business logo is your company’s first impression on your customers and the market. If designed well, it can take the interest public’s eye and prompt them to visit your website to learn more about your offerings.  

3. Supports visual communication:

Why are pictures, symbols so potent? It is for the one simple reason that symbols appeal to human memory and emotional receptors. It is easy to memorize the logo design. They encourage you to recall emotion and experience close to your heart again and again.

Company Logos are the point of identification for any brand and those are the symbols that customers use to recognize your brand. A creative business logo instantly helps the customer to connect to the sight of your company’s logo with the memory of what your company does and most importantly how it makes them feel and visualize the brand and the company as a whole. Because a good logo design is a visually pleasing element that triggers a positive recall about your brand.


4. Fosters brand loyalty:

As your brand grows, your brand’s visibility also grows and it becomes more familiar among customers. This familiarity creates a perception that you are a trustworthy brand in the market. Brand loyalty is huge and something every business needs to foster. A familiar and recognizable company logo goes a long way toward building brand loyalty. 

Creating a logo isn’t mandatory, however, there is a good chance of missing the opportunity to spark the interest in a new customer. But the logo is a vital part of building a brand.


To meet this need, Brand Katha offers logo design services to build your logo and brand. Our team can help you create customized logo designs that are unique and effective to represent your company’s brand.

Ready to build a logo and start building brand recognition? Hop to our contact us page and put in a request to get your brand logo done.

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