5 SEO Factors Every Website Owner Should Consider

Let us see 5 SEO factors every website owner needs to consider. One of the best way to boost your website SEO ranking is to publish useful and quality content.
5 SEO Factors Every Website Owner Should Consider | The Brand Katha

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most heard concept in digital marketing. Many business owners want this strategy to be applied for their websites. But what exactly is SEO?

SEO is one of the important techniques used in digital marketing, usually done to rank better. SEO further can be elaborated into 3 types –

 1) On Page 

2) Off-Page 

3) Technical SEO

SEO or search engine optimization not only helps to rank your website but also increases the quantity and quality measure of your website. Proper optimization can help into better ranking through SERP. 

SEO has various subcomponents that help to optimize your website

  1. Relevant Keyword Research
  2. Strong Content Writing
  3. Link Building (OFF PAGE)
  4. Proper Web Development
  5. Clear Website Structure

SEO is the main pillar of your business. These subcomponents are needed to be prioritized in order to optimize your website and make it readable and user friendly which benefits ranking.

Around 78% of websites don’t perform well because of its weak SEO or no SEO. It would be difficult for a website to struggle in the google search if no proper SEO is done. That’s the reason proper SEO must be done in order to balance the virtual world

How Can SEO Help My Website Gain Popularity? 

Here Are The Top 5 Factors Of SEO:  

  1. Traffic – One of the cheapest ways of getting traffic to your website is using SEO, the more people see it, the more interest development starts among the people. Traffic also helps into the ranking of your website
  2. Local SEO – It is an important factor when you run a business. It is an identification bookmark wherein you engage with the people, get connected with them based on areas, demographics, and general local search. Local SEO usually benefits small-scale businesses.
  3. Reliability/Trust – Proper user experience builds a stronghold in the minds of the customer which is a plus point. Quality profiles, optimized pages, images do help to build a hold.
  4. Brand Recognition – Usually the customers surf the internet to find their wants and needs. Providing their wants and needs with the opportunity with SEO would benefit your business. Consistency into showing or displaying things will build trust among the customers as well.
  5. Conversions– SEO optimized pages are always faster than any other pages, these pages bring a lot of traffic to your website converting into positive customers and bringing a strong ROI because it helps to gain the attention of the viewers.

SEO is the soul of a website; without proper SEO it is difficult to stay competitive in the digital market. 

Your primary source of lead generation is now a click away. We build websites SEO optimized which makes them easily accessible on Google SERPs.

Why Choose Brand Katha For SEO? How We Enhance Your Website

  1. Google Page Ranking: In this intent driven search engine having your presence increases conversion rates of sales and audience.
  2. Keyword Research: We do extensive keyword research and analysis for every website or webpage.
  3. Backlinking & Listing: Creating an organic presence through backlinking & listing SEO.
  4. On Page SEO: Securing every website’s first impression with our unique meta tags descriptions.
  5. Sitemap: Sitemap helps Google understand which pages of your website has what kind of information which enhances your ranking further as Google can crawl and index further content.
  6. Mobile Optimisation: Every website on Google now needs to be mobile optimized as users are mostly using mobile or tablets to browse websites. So having a mobile optimized website helps users to check the information.
  7. Google Search Console: All our websites have Google Search Console installed at the backend which gives the website owners the data of keywords used to search the website which further helps marketing on the Google platform. This is usually done to collect data of all users.
  8. Linking Of Pages: All links from the domain need to be secured and given a path so as to increase the domain ranking and its authority.
  9. Do Follow & No Follow Links: Every page on Google needs to be given a tag of do-follow or no-follow links to help Google crawl particular information. More the number of do-follow links the better would be the ranking of websites.
  10. Content Updates: Content on the website needs to be updated with the latest information. Whether it is an E-commerce website or an informative website, having the latest and fresh content increases the domain & page authority of the website.

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